Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Abigail

Today is Abigail "LaVonne" Sanders 16th Birthday.
I just love this girl and not because she has my name.
I love her because she is family.
Poor girl, had to make her own Birthday cake
as her mom was on a plane coming home from
By the way, the cake was awesome.
Happy Birthday Abigail!!

She's here...

Ruby DeAnn LaVonne May Lawson
ok, so her real name is "Ruby DeAnn Lawson"
She arrived December 8, 2008
at 9:30am
7 pounds 18 inches long
I can't wait to see her in 3 weeks.
Wow..I'm a Great Aunt
(Thank you Shana for the photo)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my nephew's Birthday. Jordan is 19 years old.
The family got together for Pizza, Pie and Cupcakes to celebrate Jordan's special day.
wow, 19 candles sure put off a lot of smoke.

Since Jordan will be leaving on his mission soon. He was given a new suit, socks, shirts and ties.
(i did not take a picture of his clothes)
But I did take a picture of his new game for XBox360.

"Happy Birthday Jordan"
Love ya!!

PS: Can I have your big screen TV when you leave on your mission?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrabble Anyone?

Today my "Scrabble Pendants" arrived. I had just order them on Wednesday, the 8th day of October. Talk about fast. Better yet, FREE Shipping. Now that's what I'm talking about.
These are just a few samples of what "Home Studio" has to offer. So go check out Home Studio and order some Scrabble Pendants for birthdays, thinking of you, the holidays or for yourself.

There are so many to choose from you'll want to order them all!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Blast to the Past

Ever wonder what you'd look like in the past? Check out my Nephews, Nieces and Sister in the present and the past.
This is Hunter in 2007 This is Hunter in 1952
This is Bradyn in 2008
This is Bradyn in 1964
These are my nieces in 2008
This is Jessica in 1968
Chloe in 1964
Here is my nephew Ivan and sister Shana in 2008

Here is Shana in 1954 (Shana this is payback. And you know what I'm referring to)
Here is Ivan in 1982
Jordan in 2008
Jordan in 1956
Check out what you would have looked like in the past at "Yearbookyourself"

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's My Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today, Friday the 10th day of October 2008 is my birthday. The exact time that I entered this world was at 3:30pm. I've never been one to get "excited" about my birthday. To me it's just another day but with gifts, cake and well wishes from family and friends. But, I have to be honest, I am alittle excited about this birthday. Not that I'm excited about turning another year older. But that 1) I took the day off from work. 2) It's going to be "all about me" and 3) Ok, so this is where no one is to laugh or make fun of me. I am going to see Niel Diamond. Yep, the man who wrote "Sweet Caroline". It's going to be my "first" concert ever. Unless you count the time I "heard" Billy Joel in Christchurch, NZ. The stadium was so close to where I was living that it felt like the concert was inside my flat. Today is going to be a great day!!

PS: I would like to give a shout out to my Uncle Robin who also has a birthday today. As well as, my friend Wendy Clover, Happy "16th" Birthday. And if my Grandmother was still alive she would have been 101 years old today.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday...

To my older sister, DeAnn. Tomorrow is her Birthday. DeAnn is the crazy one in this family. But we like crazy. She keeps us all laughing.
Here she is opening some of her gifts. Since her birthday is tomorrow she wanted to wait and open some on her real birthday.
Happy Birthday DeAnn!!
(crazy nephews in the back Ivan and Bradyn)

Since we have several family members who have birthdays in October, we celebrated all the birthdays with one "cupcake" cake. So to all the other October Birthdays..Happy Birthday to my brother Darin, my niece Daryn "Ashlyn" and to me. HaPPy BiRThdAy!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family + Food + Gifts = Baby Shower

This morning, my sister DeAnn threw a Baby Shower for her daughter, my niece Jessica at MiMi's Cafe. We had brunch and the food was so good. Jessica flew down from Idaho along with her sister, Chloe. Family drove and flew in from California to celebrate the soon to be "birth" of a niece, great niece, granddaughter and great granddaughter. Our family can't wait for the birth of this baby. Too, bad she'll be living in Idaho. So, Jessica you better update your blog everyday with pictures once the baby arrives. My cute nieces, Jessica and Chloe
DeAnn, cousin MariAnne, Me and friend Paula
Soon to be great grandmothers Bev and Patricia and grandmother DeAnn
Niece, Daryn "Ashlyn", Jessica and sister-in-law Rachel
This is just one of the many gifts I gave to Jessica for the Baby. I don't know why everyone was surprise that I picked out a cute outfit. Ok, so some of my other gifts were from Nike. What can I say I love Nike. Jessica also received many handmade knitted blankets from grandmothers, great Aunts and friends. Plus a handmade quilt from her mother. It was fun to just spend the morning with family and close friends. Love you Jessica and I can't wait to meet baby Ruby "LaVonne". Love ya :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Ivan

My nephew, Ivan is 14 years old today.
The Indian name I gave him is "Little man with a big head". When he was little he had a big head. (actually his curly hair made it look like he had a big head) Ivan is a smart kid. He is serious about everything he does. I love this kid and not because he is buying my a BMW.
Ivan makes his family laugh, as he imitates his older brother Jordan. We always get a big laugh when Ivan does his imitations. Even Jordan laughs. Don't worry its all in fun...right Ivan?. I am so happy that my little man with a big head lives closer to me. ( not even a mile away from me). Happy Birthday Ivan!! I love ya! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm having a BABY!!

Ok, so I'm not "physically" having a baby.
My niece, Jessica and her husband Chris are having a baby. So, in a way, I am having a baby. I will be a "Great" Aunt. Am I even old enough to be a great Aunt? I think not!. Last week we found out "we're" having a girl.
My sister, Shana and I have been talking about names - Middle names. (i could care less what the first name is) I told Shana that Jessica should go with "LaVonne". She said Jessica would never name her "LaVonne" as her sister, Abigail already has the name "LaVonne". I then stated "that I would pay Jessica to name her "LaVonne". Shana came back with "No, No, No (while shaking her head) I'll pay her not too name her "LaVonne" to which I came back with "I have much more money then you". End of conversations.

Tour de France

Its one of my favorite times of the year. Every July marks the start and finish of the Tour de France. I love to watch the tour. I really look forward to getting up at 5:30am to watch 2 hours of the tour before heading out the door to work. Thanks heavens for TiVo. I have always enjoyed riding bikes. I've been into cycling since highschool. Words can't express how excited I was to ride a bike on my mission. (sorry companions for riding to fast and leaving you behind) One of my goals is to go to France during the Tour and seeing several of the stages. One day I'll be there.

I'm Back

My main reason for not blogging for the last month and a half is because I've been studying for my license. No, not my driver's license. That's good till the year 2030. I have been studying for my Insurance license. It's for my job, so it's not by choice. In order to work at LeBaron and Carroll, LLC I have to be licensed even if I don't sell personal or commercial Insurance. I have so much more to studying before I can even think of taking the test. I took what, I like to say was a "pre-test" back in November. It's multiple choice questions only. The questions are really tricky. You have to read the questions very carefully. There are 4 possible answers and they are all similar. The test is set to a timer. I have 2 hours to answer 230 questions. It doesn't help to have the timer in the upper left hand corner of the computer screen. Back in November I spent more time looking at the timer then reading the questions. I'm not stressing out..yet. Who am I kidding..I am very Stressed out!! For the next 3 days while at work I plan on spending 8 hours studying. My boss is at scout camp this week, so it's a good time to studying.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's her Birthday month

My little sister, Shana had a birthday yesterday. Since her birthday is on the 28th she celebrates the entire month...that's why it her "Birthday month". Yes, we are sisters and ya, we don't look anything alike. She's a lot cutier and prettier then me. She was the lucky one to get the dark black hair and the olive skin. She is awesome and a great mother to 2 of my nephews. In June she is moving to Arizona. I'm excited! I miss my nephews and ya, my sister. Rachel (sister-in-law) and Shana at Jessica's Wedding October 19th 2007.
Happy Birthday Shana!

I can see clearly now....

Last Friday, the 23rd of May, I had my "Laser Vision Correction" surgery. Before I was called back to meet with the admitting nurse - I met with the surgeon, Dr. Perkins. He told me what he would be doing, and went over any questions I had. Which were none. I had already done all my research. Once I was called back my sister, DeAnn who drove me left to visit with my grandmother who lives right around the corner from the surgery center. The Admitting nurse took my BP, put drops in my eyes and gave me three (3) pills to take. I then sat to relax in a reclining chair in the pre-op prep area as the meds began to take effect. Also at this time the nurse was trying to offer me snacks and drinks, I should say juice. I declined both. I wasn't nervous I just wanted to get the ball rollin'. After about 10 minutes I was called back into the laser room. which was really cold inside, but felt really good. The first machine laser the cornea flap. That procedure took a whole 15 seconds. I then walked with the help of a young man to the final machine where I was asked to focus on a green light while a red laser started doing its magic. The last step was when the doctor brushed the cornea flap back over my eyes. Once that was done my vision was blurring, but I could already see the difference. I was given a pair of protective glasses to wear home. From the time my sister left to when they called to tell her to come get me was about 30 minutes. I was told to go home and sleep. But I have to wear these goggles for the next couple of days. They are to protect my eyes from any rubbing I might do. They are really comfortable to wear. I just might wear them every night! For the first week I have three (3) different drops to drop in my eyes four (4) times a day. I have a drop for the first 24 hours while awake and then I have another drop I do two (2) times a day that will continue for 1-3 months.
Saturday morning, the 24th I had a post-op visit with the doctor and after reading the eye chart I was told that my vision is at 20/25. Which will only increase over the next 3 weeks. I'm very happy with the out come so far, and the only question I have for myself is..."why didn't I do this sooner?". It was so worth the money I was saving for my trip to England.
Per the doctors instructions, I can't wear eye makeup for seven (7) days. That's why I look, as my nephew Ivan would say "Horrid". If anyone is concerning Lasiks - go for it. I give it the thumbs up!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out with the old in with the new

Tomorrow at 12:30pm I will be doing this!
Ok, not exactly like this but close to it. I am having "LASIK" surgery on my hazel eyes.
If you are a regular reader of my blog you would have read about my "Bifocals". My eyes just are not adjusting the the progressive lens's. I feel off balance. (not as bad as when I don't take my daily iron pill. when I miss a day of iron I have been known to lean to the right and fall completely down to the ground) When I look another way its taking my eyes a few moments to re-adjust from blurring to clear. I have had enough. A friend of mine in California, the "OC" had her eyes done acouple of weeks ago and loves the freedom of not wearing contacts or glasses. It's totally out of my price range, but I've decided it's going to be worth it. I'm going to "Barnet Dulaney Perkins" in Phoenix, AZ. I hear they are the best of the best. They should be at the price I'm paying! I can't wait to go and buy several different pairs of sunglasses.

If you want to read more about Lasiks or "Barent Dulaney Perkins" click on this link....
Vision Correction Surgery – LASIK in Arizona

Monday, May 19, 2008

Party Time

Yesterday, the family celebrated Sophia's 11th Birthday.Sophia is my 10th niece. She is "ALL" girl. Guess, she gets that from her sisters.
I love spending time with Sophia. Our favorite time together is making up songs on her guiter.
Happy Birthday "Sophia"... it's your birthday month!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This year I have 2 nephews and 1 niece graduating in the class of 2008.
This is my fourth nephew. Meet Bradyn James Norris. (Indian name: Little man who walks tall) He will graduate on Wednesday, May 21st from Desert Ridge High School home of the Jaguar, here in Mesa, Arizona. He is very excited and looking forward to the future.
He was accepted to ASU "Arizona State University". But decided to attend one year at "Chandler/Gilbert Community College" before he serves a mission.
He received 2 Scholarship Awards. The President's Scholarship from Chandler/Gilbert Community College and The Will Smith Memorial Scholarship. Below is a picture of him with Will Smith's mother. Will Smith attended Desert Ridge High School and graduated in 2005. He died along with another student, Joe Onisko. I'm very proud of my nephew. He is a really good kid. He loves his family, friends and has a very strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Seems just like yesterday, that Bradyn would dance around my room to Rod Stewart, in his diaper and sing to Billy Ray Cyrus, Neil Diamond and Queen. As his Aunt (his favorite Aunt) I couldn't be more proud of him. Love ya Bradyn!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Madisen's Baptism Day

This past saturday was Madisen's (my niece) baptism. Her older brother, Bradyn was able to baptize her. Her brothers and sisters were excited that she had made the decision to be baptize and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I, being her favorite Aunt was happy to share this day with her. All of her family and some of her Aunts, Uncles & Cousins were there to share this special day with her.