Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet the newest member of the family...

Ruby DeAnn Lawson
Here's Grandma Bev..oops I mean Great-Grandma Bev
(I know that she just loves being a great-grandma. Can't you tell)
Here's Ruby with her Great-Great Aunt Joan.
My Aunt and Uncle are snow-birds from Idaho
cousin Ivan
(Indian name: Little man with a big-head)

and finally Ruby's Aunt Sophia and cousin Jordan

It was fun having Jessica and her husband, Chris visiting for a few weeks from Idaho.
I enjoyed getting to meet Ruby. I'm looking forward to spoiling her.
My sister, DeAnn and her family left today for Idaho for Ruby's blessing on Sunday.
My entire family is so bless to have this sweet little spirit in our lives.

I have no pictures of myself with Little baby Ruby.
If you know me I don't like getting my picture taken.

My New TV

So, I finally found something to spend my Christmas bonus on.

(#1 Duke vs #4 Wake Forest College Basketball Game. Wake Forest won 70 to 68)

Check out my new 37' HD Flat screen Vizio television. I wanted to go bigger but it wasn't in the budget (oh I hate that word..budget). Ivan sure was happy to get my old 26' flat screen tv. I also upgraded my dvr to a HD dvr. Now I just need to hook up my surround sound and I'll be set.

Shout Out to Jessica

Happy Birthday..Jessica
(This picture was taken on her wedding day 19-October-2007)
Today is Jessica's 22nd Birthday. In order of my nieces, she is number 1.
With Jessica living in Idaho I don't get to see her very often.
I miss my Little baby Jessica!!
Happy Birthday!!