Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Official....

I'm the new proud owner of a pair of "BIFOCALS'.
Yep, who would have thought that at such a young age - which I am "young", that I would need bifocals......apparently Dr. Lars Carlson did!! To which, I replied with 1. what optometry school did you attend? 2. how good are your math skills? and 3. tell me you were in the top 10 of your graduating class? - Really I'm OK with the change, change is good. (I'm holding out for the "Resurrection" when I'll have 20/20 vision) I was disappointed that I am NOT a candidate for contacts, guess I'll continue with my Lasik Surgery Savings Fund. I've only been wearing my bifocals for 18 hours, so far so good.
PS: I wonder if I can get Sport Sunglasses in a bifocal for my bike rides?...hmm, note to self call Dr. Carlson.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In America, April 15th means only one thing..."Tax Day"
April 15th, in New Zealand, (my mum's homeland) was the day she was
brought into this world.
This year my mum celebrated her "_ _ " Birthday!
She doesn't want me to tell anyone how old she is, so i won't.
I'll just let the photo's speak for themselves.

Some of her children, Ok, 2 of her favorite children & myself, along with
9 of her grandchildren, 1 son-in-law & 1 daughter-in-law celebrated
her special day together.

Some of the Sanders' family plus Madisen Norris

Jumping on the trampoline

Madisen, Hailey, Sophia, Hunter & Jessica

Water Balloon Fun!
Madisen, Abigail "Lavonne", Hunter, Sophia, Chloe' & Hailey

Fun times... til next year HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mum