Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Official....

I'm the new proud owner of a pair of "BIFOCALS'.
Yep, who would have thought that at such a young age - which I am "young", that I would need bifocals......apparently Dr. Lars Carlson did!! To which, I replied with 1. what optometry school did you attend? 2. how good are your math skills? and 3. tell me you were in the top 10 of your graduating class? - Really I'm OK with the change, change is good. (I'm holding out for the "Resurrection" when I'll have 20/20 vision) I was disappointed that I am NOT a candidate for contacts, guess I'll continue with my Lasik Surgery Savings Fund. I've only been wearing my bifocals for 18 hours, so far so good.
PS: I wonder if I can get Sport Sunglasses in a bifocal for my bike rides?...hmm, note to self call Dr. Carlson.


Elise said...

Don't feel old! Just think of your glasses as the ability to see better than a lot of people! My eyesight keeps getting worse every year. I won't be eligible for Lasik until my eyesight remains the same for a year or two. What kind of bike rides do you do?

Heather said...

Those shades are pretty sweet! Hope you are adjusting now to the "BIFOCALS"!!! :)