Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Blast to the Past

Ever wonder what you'd look like in the past? Check out my Nephews, Nieces and Sister in the present and the past.
This is Hunter in 2007 This is Hunter in 1952
This is Bradyn in 2008
This is Bradyn in 1964
These are my nieces in 2008
This is Jessica in 1968
Chloe in 1964
Here is my nephew Ivan and sister Shana in 2008

Here is Shana in 1954 (Shana this is payback. And you know what I'm referring to)
Here is Ivan in 1982
Jordan in 2008
Jordan in 1956
Check out what you would have looked like in the past at "Yearbookyourself"

1 comment:

Shana May Rodriguez said...

This is sooooooo funny! However, I must say that I still look as fabulous as ever even way back then!