Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Ivan

My nephew, Ivan is 14 years old today.
The Indian name I gave him is "Little man with a big head". When he was little he had a big head. (actually his curly hair made it look like he had a big head) Ivan is a smart kid. He is serious about everything he does. I love this kid and not because he is buying my a BMW.
Ivan makes his family laugh, as he imitates his older brother Jordan. We always get a big laugh when Ivan does his imitations. Even Jordan laughs. Don't worry its all in fun...right Ivan?. I am so happy that my little man with a big head lives closer to me. ( not even a mile away from me). Happy Birthday Ivan!! I love ya! :)


Anonymous said...

He is cute! He takes after his mother, she is a looker!!

Joni said...

We were sad to see Shana move. Tell Jordan we missed him at youth conference!

sierrah said...

lavon you do not have to ask of course you can come over and let my brother clean your room
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