Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family + Food + Gifts = Baby Shower

This morning, my sister DeAnn threw a Baby Shower for her daughter, my niece Jessica at MiMi's Cafe. We had brunch and the food was so good. Jessica flew down from Idaho along with her sister, Chloe. Family drove and flew in from California to celebrate the soon to be "birth" of a niece, great niece, granddaughter and great granddaughter. Our family can't wait for the birth of this baby. Too, bad she'll be living in Idaho. So, Jessica you better update your blog everyday with pictures once the baby arrives. My cute nieces, Jessica and Chloe
DeAnn, cousin MariAnne, Me and friend Paula
Soon to be great grandmothers Bev and Patricia and grandmother DeAnn
Niece, Daryn "Ashlyn", Jessica and sister-in-law Rachel
This is just one of the many gifts I gave to Jessica for the Baby. I don't know why everyone was surprise that I picked out a cute outfit. Ok, so some of my other gifts were from Nike. What can I say I love Nike. Jessica also received many handmade knitted blankets from grandmothers, great Aunts and friends. Plus a handmade quilt from her mother. It was fun to just spend the morning with family and close friends. Love you Jessica and I can't wait to meet baby Ruby "LaVonne". Love ya :)


Shana May Rodriguez said...

wheres my picture!!!

Heather said...

How fun! I KNOW you will spoil this litte one. You did pick out a cute outfit. It is so fun shopping for little girls!

Sophia said...

nini i need you to help me edit my blog, so as soon as you find this contact me!

Sophia said...

call me , did you change my color

Sophia said...

thank you for making it work!