Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm having a BABY!!

Ok, so I'm not "physically" having a baby.
My niece, Jessica and her husband Chris are having a baby. So, in a way, I am having a baby. I will be a "Great" Aunt. Am I even old enough to be a great Aunt? I think not!. Last week we found out "we're" having a girl.
My sister, Shana and I have been talking about names - Middle names. (i could care less what the first name is) I told Shana that Jessica should go with "LaVonne". She said Jessica would never name her "LaVonne" as her sister, Abigail already has the name "LaVonne". I then stated "that I would pay Jessica to name her "LaVonne". Shana came back with "No, No, No (while shaking her head) I'll pay her not too name her "LaVonne" to which I came back with "I have much more money then you". End of conversations.


Heather said...

Well congratulations!!! Start forkin out that money, can't wait to hear what the name will be! I am sure U are her favorite Aunt! :)
ok, I'll be bringing you a diet dr pepper over soon!

Lani said...

How fun! Congrats you Jessica and her husband... and to you! ;-)

Vivian Love said...

Tell them to name it Vivian! (first or middle name) That's one of Brad&Angelina's twin's name! Lavonne, you'll be a great-aunt. Wow, you're too young!

Amy Beth's Days said...

That's hilarious. Definitely pay her to name the baby LaVonne. You'll get a great return (of love I'm sure) on that investment.

And no, you're definitely not old enough to be a great-aunt!!!