Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She's here...

Ruby DeAnn LaVonne May Lawson
ok, so her real name is "Ruby DeAnn Lawson"
She arrived December 8, 2008
at 9:30am
7 pounds 18 inches long
I can't wait to see her in 3 weeks.
Wow..I'm a Great Aunt
(Thank you Shana for the photo)


Heather said...

Sweet baby, I hope DeAnn was able to be there!

Abagail is so cute!

Elise said...

So adorable! She looks just like you! And she will have the best great aunt ever!

Shana May Rodriguez said...

Yes, Elise said it best I will be the best great aunt ever!

LaVonne said...

Shana, it's not always about you!!And her comment was to me not you. Now go away and update your blog.