Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is where I live, sleep & eat. (i also pay rent)
I've called this house home since July 2004.
Living in Arizona is ALOT different then living in BEAUTIFUL southern California.
I miss the "OC".
Notice the "desert" landscape of the front yard. This is typical for Arizona.
It's low maintenance-but I prefer "green" grass, bushes, trees.., etc.Look, grass and it's green. Lucky for me this grass is green all year long.
This grass will never turn brown in the winter like everyone else's.

Living in the desert during the summer gets really hot. Most people have swimming pools. But not my parents. They have a pond. Yep, a pond. They spent $5,000.00 on this pond. I would have chosen a pool instead of a pond, but lucky for me, my sister lives 2 miles down the road and she has a "pool". That's where you can find me during the hot summer months.

My mother's cactus garden. I don't like cactus. I think they are ugly. And not only that but they hurt. I've been pricked one too many times. I would love to pull them out and replace them with bushes and flowers.

So, that's where I live. Feel free to come visit. If you come in the summer, bring you swim suit. If you come in the winter bring you gloves and jacket. It gets really cold in the winter. Two weeks ago I was scrapping ice off my car windows.

PS: I should mention that the grass never needs water either. Why? It's FAKE. Yep, the grass is fake and came with a life time warranty.


Vivian Love said...

Wow! Lavonne, that certainly doesn't look like good 'ol Yorba Linda!

Elise said...

LaVonne! I can't believe you found my blog and have one yourself. I love blogging! I tried to contact you a few months ago because my friends went to New Zealand and wanted advice on what to see. They went in November and loved it!

I miss you too! It has been way too long! What is your email address?

Heather said...

Lavonne, nice blog! I will start stalking!! In your pic of the house you didn't say who's awesome car that is in the driveway! :)