Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 Primary Class

I have enjoyed teaching the 9 year olds this past year.
At the start of 2007, I had 12 students in my class.
By September, this girl had enough and the class was split.
These are 4 of my 6 students.
Kiana (the quiet one. she never speaks, but with that smile couldn't love her)
Travis (makes me laugh, my dictionary)
Saedra (my helper, my cohort, my mate)
Duanne ( quiet, funny and smart)
I'll miss my kids, but I will always be their friend!


Vivian Love said...

Cute primary class. I'm not surprised you are in Primary. You were the BEST teacher. I'm still in Primary too...the chorister...the best calling in the church. It's "The Vivian Show" every week!

I tagged you! Check it out:

Wease, the Favorite said...

Lavonne!! You are still alive! I had no idea! Why didn't you leave a comment on my blog? How are you?!

Wease, the Favorite said...

P.S. put a picture of yourself on ur blog! Please so I can see what you look like... I know you hate pictures but please?!