Monday, October 29, 2007

Nephews and Nieces

Here are 13 of my 22 Nephews & Nieces
Back Row: Bradyn Norris (age 17), Daryn Ashlyn (age 15), Abigail "Lavonne" Sanders (age 14 1/2), Chloe Sanders (age 18), Jessica "the BRIDE" Sanders (age 20 1/2), Chris "the GROOM" Lawson,
Jordan Rodriguez (age 17 1/2)
Front Row: Brandon Norris (age 21), Ivan Rodriguez (age 13), Hailey Norris (age 11), Sophia Sanders (age 10)
Madisen Norris (age 7), Taylor Norris (age 4 1/2) & Hunter Norris (age 5)
Nephew "Hunter Norris" (age 5)

Nieces "Hailey Norris" (age 11), "Sophia Sanders" (age 10)
and "Madisen Norris" (age 7)

Niece "Daryn Ashlyn Norris" (age 15) and Nephew "Jordan Rodriguez" (age 17 1/2)


Me, myself, & I said...

wow the family has indeed grown!!! How fun to have that many cousins, nieces and nephews!!!

Ours is limited to 5. Three from Annie and 2 from Ken's brother.

Hey are you interested in Tommy my brother at all?...he's still available AND out of jail!

Amy said...

hahaha my mom is such a dork...

Awesome niece/nephew shots. Very fun. But on with the blogging already. To little blogging in too much time!

Seriously, why no bloggy? You are full of witty, snarky clever remarks and comments on the world. We don't get to see you in real life these days... so you must comment on life through the blog world instead. For us to enjoy!!!


Chloe "boogie" sanders said...

hey where's the close up of your most beautiful niece??? and your favorite? (its ok, i wont tell anyone)