Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'll go where you want me to go

My nephew Bradyn Norris is waiting for his mission call. Should come this week. Tonight the entire family, well those that live in Arizona, got together for a BBQ and to make our picks for where we think Bradyn will be called to serve his two year mission.

For each pick that you make it cost $1.00. (or you can give more) I made three picks. Taiwan, Tahiti and Costa Rica. These were not my top picks. My sister-in-law is the oldest of 9 children, so after her family made their choices and my mother making 20 picks, then my sisters, there really was not much left to choose from. I guess that's what I get for being up stairs playing with my nephew and nieces.

It was a fun night. Looking at the map and seeing all the possibles for where Bradyn could be called to serve. I did mention to Bradyn that the greatest mission ever is still the New Zealand Christchurch Mission (now called the Wellington Mission).

Bradyn said that he'll be happy where ever he is called to serve. I'm hoping he goes to one of my picks so I can get bragging rights.

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Elise said...

It's way better to pick when $$$ is involved! For Skyler's nephew we just picked places. He is currently in Tuscon Arizona, about the closest mission possible to home (I'm sure his mom was thrilled about that...she is a little protective of him!). He is in a deaf mission because he is deaf. He comes home soon and we are stoked! Can't wait to hear where Bradyn gets called to!